So even though I am a huge geek and always have technology in my hand, I am new to blogging, I have read them but never tried it myself and am looking forward to the experience.  At 24 I am also a little later than some for starting college and I wish I had gone right out of high school.  I was lazy for about 2 years and then got a job working for HP in Conway, but they closed down the office in 2013, so I decided to start school.  I couldn’t think of a  better place to go to Northwest Arkansas, the first time I came here I just fell in love with the area as I am a huge sucker for nature and pretty trees and mountains.  I have a goal to hike the entire 200+ mile Ozark Highlands Trail at some point.  I also do enjoy staying home sometimes, watching movies or tv shows.  I love gaming as well, Skyrim has me addicted right now, but overall I prefer older games, can’t put down the N64.  Many of my movies and tv shows are older as well, I have a thing for mob movies and those that are considered classics.   Anyway if you managed to read this far and are curious about the MrRansom part, that is my old gaming name used in Everquest and a couple other things from years ago.