I have traveled to many points in the Ozark mountains and found beautiful scenery all around me the vast majority of the time.  The preferred time for me to travel through is fall when the leaves are beginning to change color and the air outside is not too cold, nor too hot.  I drive through with windows down and sunroof open and a trip that would normally take just two and a half hours or so turns into a 6 hour journey.  I can’t help but to stop and make an attempt to capture the beauty with a camera, its really something that has to be seen to get the full experience though.  I especially make a point to take the pig trail on my trips  between Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas and it  would have to be my second favorite drive in the state, only surpassed by Highway 7 which travels the entire vertical length of the state.  Highway 16 is another way to take, it basically travels through the Ozarks horizontally and there are just so many hiking trails and overlooks along the way.  Its been hard to just picture but one from the pig trail during the previous snow storm stood out, different color trees are beautiful but white snow and bare trees can be just as stunning.  I have put a total of twenty thousand miles on a car in 8 months mostly because I always take the long way around instead of following the main highways.  Passing through the surrounding states is just not the same, no one thinks of Arkansas much but its truly a place to fall in love with.


Its funny as I post this I am riding in the back seat of a car with two of my best friend, on my way to go hiking at a new spot near the Buffalo River, I am excited to expand my portfolio of places I have been and more pictures will be uploaded after.  The picture is from an overlook on Highway 7, that is a frequent place I stop in my travels.