I lay here basking in my misery as countless love crazed men and women rush by.  They don’t even stop to pick me up and look at me, I stare them in the eyes trying to do something to get their attention, but alas I am inanimate.  I know your boyfriend or girl friend that happens to be rushing around at the last minute going crazy to find something will pick me, I just know it.  If nothing just out of being in that crazed rush to please the one they love.  But yet at the end of the day, I am shipped away in the cold, dark place your kind calls a box, I call it hell, and boy is it cramped here.  Then as I realize how bad things are, it all comes together, at least I am no longer alone on the shelf, no one is truly alone once they learn to love themselves.  I will always  be  the super ugly stuffed bear that no one wants but I wont always be sad because I love myself and all my new friends in this box thing, maybe when I get to my new home some little boy or girl will fall in love with me too.