I decided on this because of my history with my last job.  I started in Corporate Escalations for Hewlett-Packard and eventually worked up to Lead and then Supervisor, before our jobs were sent overseas, I mean workforce reduction, oh wait not supposed to say that.  Anyway each customer is subjective and must be handled differently.  To start, lets pick someone that is new to technology and just needs help, it might be frustrating but make sure to explain everything very slowly and in simple terms, make yourself have patience with theses people, as they are really calling to get help, not everyone is a technology genius and gotta remember the first time you picked up a computer.   Next lets tackle the extremely angry person that THINKS they have been wronged by the company and just wants something for free.  They send their computer in and it takes 7-10 days to fix, that is VERY reasonable, so don’t yell and cuss at me when I won’t give you a $500 tablet for free when your computer didn’t even cost that much.  I as a case manager was the last step and if I said no, it was no unless you sued us, so calling and being nice might get you something, sure not a $500 tablet, but maybe a coupon.  But no, you decided to yell and call me names and while I COMPLETELY do not care or get offended in any way, I hang up and you get nothing but your computer back in 7-10 days.  These people should always be handled calmly and nicely, no matter how rude they are, this just ticks them off more and saves you from having to disconnect them.  In rare instances they will see reason and work with you, but more often they are not able to be helped.  Finally, the crying lady who is mad because we caused her hundreds of dollars in lost time and work, because her data is gone forever.  Sorry, I understand that not everyone is saavy, but when you get the computer it tells you to back up your data, when we set up a repair order you are told that three times, so no sympathy when you didn’t back it up.   Of course you cannot be rude to this person, simply explain in a nice manner that you will send a message to the service center and see if they can get anything off, of course knowing they can’t, but gives the customer some level of hope and puts them at ease at least until they get the system back, by this point they realize its their fault and ask for recommendations on backing up next time.   Cest la vie, you can’t please everyone!