Moving time again this weekend.  This will mark the 6th time including the original move from my parents.  First when I was 20 I left my parents shortly after getting a job with HP in Conway.  The apartment was ok and plenty but my friend and roommate at the time had to move and I needed to go somewhere else.  I decided on one of the “nicest” aka overpriced places in Conway with a new roommate and a bad waste of time, meaning crazy ex who I am glad is gone now.  After all that was over I decided to move with my current love to Beebe, AR so that we could be of equal distance to our jobs in Searcy and Conway respectively.  Beebe was truly an awful place to live, way too small and just beyond hick town.  After 6 months of that we moved back to Conway and with me now being a Supervisor at HP, I thought about looking at a house, but decided to go with a 2 bedroom apartment first and then upgrade.  6 months into this HP decided to lay everyone off and close the call center down, leaving me stuck in a lease with Lindsey Management, but then again at least it wasn’t a house.  Now the people in the office were wonderful and told me I could have someone take it over, buy it out, or transfer.  I opted to do the takeover but I was apparently lied to by Lindsey Management, imagine that!!!  And they acted all stupid and said that was against the lease and promptly I told the Director of Resident Relations and Lindy Lindsey where to shove it and have deterred as many as I can from dealing with them.  That said, I lacked the funds or time to fight them so I just transferred to a place they had in Springdale for 3 months and here we are.  This weekend marks the day I am free of Lindsey and with a much better management company in Fayetteville, where I wanted to live to begin with, that really seems to treat people right.  Thankfully I didn’t get a house yet and plan to live at this next one until I do.  Then again, I have moved 5 times already in the course of 5 years so who knows where I will be next year.