Having traveled a lot I have gotten to experience drivers in various other states.  I have simply come to the conclusion that people are stupid and cannot drive.  Having been in Central AR most of my life, the people there are the worst.  Running up on people and then rear ending them and then complaining about it.  No reason traffic should flow the way it does, its only because people are stopping and going and not keeping constant speeds.  Moving to Northwest Arkansas, its much better, there are are a few bad ones but overall the driving experience has been better, but it is very congested even back roads are backed up sometimes.  This past weekend I drove in 3 large cities; Miami, Nashville, and Atlanta, I was quite impressed with the later two and had no issues driving around and everyone seemed to flow and use blinkers and everything.  Miami you will get run over, I am in my dads Sierra Denali, which is a large truck and I had little cars that would try and push me out of the way and just rant and rage over things that were their fault, honking for no reason, etc.  The worse was the congestion though, I mean its really not their fault, but getting from Miami to Miami beach took 40 min then another 30 min to park.  Dallas is the same, people just all go 90 and if you are in the way you get run over.  Kansas City was great though, no problems, everyone seems to keep moving even in rush hour traffic.  I now state my single biggest pet peeve, USE YOUR BLINKER!!!!  I hate getting behind some idiot that abruptly slams on their brakes and turns with no indication, causing me to have to slam on my brakes.  Also do not get behind me and flash your lights to move when I have someone in front of me and cannot get over, I will go slower and make you more angry.  I will never understand the level of common sense lacked by a lot of people when driving.