I was born and raised in the giant city of Ferndale, AR and its 400ish people near Little Rock.  After being laid off from HP last year I moved up here with my better half to pursue a college degree that I have always wanted.  I have 2 children, Ringo and Marilyn, those names might seem odd until you learn they are cats.  I kind of go from one side to the other for activities, couch potato to nature lover, one day I will be sitting at home watching tv all day and the next an all day hiking trip.  I am involved in some human rights activities, as well as some animal rights, I love road trips, and I am kind of a hippie in many ways.  There really isnt too much I don’t like doing.  I am addicted to Skyrim right now so it occupies many of my off days that are too cold to hike and I also love me some movies and older tv shows.